Outdoor Retreats

Find Fellowship Remove Distractions Encounter God Be Restored

How did John Paul II rejuvenate himself and others amid an intensely lived life?

Through physical activity, prayer, and fellowship, in the backdrop of God’s beautiful creation, all four seasons of the year. 

Engage Creation & Find fellowship

Our outdoor retreats are designed for young adults 18+. Each unique location provides a unique experience, from hiking in the Rockies to kayaking in the Shenandoah Valley, from retreat centers to rustic tent camping.

All our retreats have in common time for Mass and adoration, reflection and formation, outdoor activity, good food, and fun fellowship, all in the JP2 Project style! We collaborate with diocesan priests, different religious communities, faithful laypeople, and our alumni to make these retreats a reality.

our spiritual growth challenge

Be not afraid to unplug for a weekend and find the restoration that your body, mind, and spirit need.

Are you interested in offering a JP2 Project retreat to your community?