In the face of today’s secular culture, building the civilization of love & truth requires collaboration among institutions, ministries, and individuals. Rather than being isolated to achieve an agenda, we believe in the power of partnership to make our shared goals a reality.

University Affiliation

Higher education institutions can offer their students the JP2 International Fellowship as their own study-abroad option in Krakow, Poland. Benefits include:

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The JP2 Project is an ideal place for spiritually engaged college students to learn and grow. I lead a service-learning program for an American university that takes student teams to 10 different countries over the course of an academic semester. On our last trip, we worked with the JP2 Project, and out of all ten countries, our time in Kraków with the MacDonalds was one of the most spiritually, culturally, and academically enriching experiences of the entire semester.

Concordia University Irvine

Newman Partnership

You’re not alone in providing Catholic formation opportunities to the young people you serve. Join our free Newman Partnership to avail your students of our programs. Who is this for?

The JP2 Project is connected with universities and think tanks in Kraków that served my teams with knowledgeable and highly engaging teachers and leaders. The JP2 Project leadership is deeply invested in the teachings of Pope John Paul II, and his spirit moves powerfully in this strategically located Kraków program. My students were deeply impacted by their time with the MacDonalds and the JP2 Project, and I intend to take more teams through this powerful educational and spiritual program.
Concordia University Irvine