Natalie Arend is a graduate of Ave Maria University, where she was honored to meet Corinne and Joe MacDonald and hear about their vision for the JP2 Project. She fell in love with the vision of serving young people and providing them with opportunities to build community, grow in their faith and walk in the steps of St. John Paul II. Encountering God through the beauty of nature and each person is one of her greatest joys, and the JP2 Project encompasses both! While also a part-time community outreach coordinator for Emmaus Health Partners and a piano teacher, Natalie is thrilled to be on the JP2 Project team and excited to dedicate her time to growing and expanding the mission and vision in her role as administrative assistant. 

Natalie currently resides in Michigan and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. When not working, she loves to spend her time reading, talking walks in nature, playing piano, or having quality time with family and friends. On her bucket list is to travel internationally, including a visit to Poland, the home of her patron saint, St. Faustina. Until God opens the door to that adventure, Natalie continues to smile and serve in the adventure of each day.

Walking in the Footsteps of Pope Saint John Paul II.
Uncover Poland’s Richness: Study Abroad in Kraków. Find Serenity in U.S. Outdoor Retreats. Seek Spiritual Fulfillment Through European Pilgrimages.
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