Corinne designs the programs of the JP2 Project, manages relationships with partner institutions, and spearheads the communications efforts.  She has 10+ years of experience in program building and apostolate with youth and young adults through her work in university campus outreach, youth ministry, and years of working study abroad in Rome.

What brought her to Rome was the pursuit of a postgraduate degree in Institutional Communications from The Pontifical University of Santa Croce. While leading her study abroad undergraduate students, Corinne not only carried out her own studies, but also launched the English edition of the online think-tank, Family and Media. She also contributed to the launching of the now international academic journal, Church, Communications, and Culture.

She cherishes the opportunities she embraced to lead 30+ mission trips, camps, and pilgrimages, including various World Youth Days around the globe, and most recently, accompanying our JP2 program participants in Krakow for 2 years. Corinne loves that she can continue to carry out this beautiful mission of the JP2 Project, while having the privilege of raising her beloved, energetic daughters, ages 2 and 4.