A graduate of the University of Notre Dame (BS in mathematics, 1967 and MS in Philosophy, 1973), Adrian J. Reimers received his doctorate from the Internationale Akademie für Philosophie in Liechtenstein in 1989. He now teaches philosophy at Holy Cross College in Indiana, and previously both philosophy and theology courses on John Paul II’s theology of the body at the University of Notre Dame. He has also taught at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow and lectured at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. In 2011 he conducted research on the thought of Karol Wojtyła (John Paul II) on a Fulbright Fellowship in Poland. With his wife, Marie, Reimers lives in South Bend, Indiana. They are the parents of four grown children and grandparents of five.

​His books include The Good is Love: The body and human acts in Humana vitae and John Paul IIHell and the Mercy of GodKarol Wojtyla’s Personalist Philosophy: Understanding “Person and Act”, co-authored with Miguel Acosta (2016), Truth about the Good: Moral Norms according to John Paul II (Sapientia Press, 2011), The Soul of the Person: A Contemporary Philosophical Psychology (The Catholic University of America Press, 2006), and An Analysis of the Concepts of Self-Fulfillment and Self-Realization in the Thought of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II (Edwin Mellen Press, 2001). In addition, he has published scholarly articles, primarily but not exclusively on the thought of John Paul II, in a variety of journals. Dr. Reimers joins us as a professor for our Summer Study Abroad Program in May 2021 and the seminar director for our Young Families Pilgrimage in July 2021. We are incredibly honored and overjoyed to welcome him and his wife, Marie, in Krakow this summer.


THEO 300: Morality, Holiness, and Love in Veritatis Splendor

Walking in the Footsteps of Pope Saint John Paul II.
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