You can be a part of making the mission of the JP2 Project a reality. See the various opportunities for work and service to build up our youth to transform the world.

Currently Seeking!

Mission-driven people to fulfill the following roles!


Digital Media Interns

For experience in marketing, communications, and administration.

Retreat Service Team

Serve at our camping retreat in the Spring or the Love & Truth Seminar in Summer.
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For our upcoming outdoor retreats stateside or future pilgrimages in Poland.

Ways to Serve

Help us build the Civilization of Love and Truth, one heart at a time!


All of our programs need priests who will transmit the spirit of our patron to the young people we serve. From our study abroad and pilgrimages in Poland to our seminars and weekend retreats stateside. 

Internship Program

Our competitive media and outreach internship program is a beautiful opportunity for young adults to gain professional experience in a faith-based non-profit organization. It is our great opportunity to work with the young people we’ve dedicated our lives to. Interested in learning more about our internship program? Email Sofia at:

Retreat Service Team

Serve as a facilitator for our outdoor retreats for young adults in the USA or serve in the areas of children’s ministry, food service, or event planning for our family programs in the USA or Poland. 

Diseño sin título

We like to refer our students in need of counselling services to well-formed professionals who understand the person holistically and as made for sanctity. Get on our list of counselors ready to serve those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, or other obstacles to human flourishing. Email us!

Business Professionals

Want to make the JP2 Project soar but cannot commit full-time to ministry? Share your professional expertise in a one-on-one setting with a staff member, in a working group with staff and interns, or in working sessions with the whole board.

Religious Prayer Partners

Be a missionary for the JP2 Project right from your convent or monastery. We firmly believe God is transforming lives through the Project because it is supported by your prayer. Join the 30+ communities already praying. There is so much need! Email us!

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People need to know about the JP2 Project in order to participate in these powerful programs. Bring these initiatives to your local parish, young adult ministry, Newman Center, school or other community. Alumni ambassadors are also sought each year. Click here!