Brighton, MI

Get Ready to Launch the First Home!

Welcome to the JP2 Homes!

Residences for young adults to carry out their professional and personal pursuits, while deepening their relationship with Christ, growing in virtue, and giving of themselves in service.

More than a young adult home, these are powerhouses of the JP2 Project where the residents are protagonists of making the mission come to life in their area.

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“They are persons who live an ordinary life in the world: they study, they work, they form relationships as friends, professionals, members of society, cultures, etc. However, the Council considers their condition not simply an external and environmental framework, but as a reality destined to find in Jesus Christ the fullness of its meaning...The ``world`` thus becomes the place and the means for the lay faithful to fulfill their Christian vocation, because the world itself is destined to glorify God the Father in Christ.”

-St. John Paul II, Christifideles Laici

Life in a JP2 Home

Authentic Community
In home life and friendship!
Deepen Prayer
Personally and in community.
Serve the Church
In apostolate and volunteering.
Live Adventure
In the example of JP2.