The next generations are now being immersed in an anti-Christian culture, where isolation is the quiet commonplace. There’s a lack of support for single young adults who are not yet committed in a lifelong vocation. They are craving community. They want to breathe in environments of sanctity, so they can engage this culture and transform it. To build the civilization of love & truth, they need support and they need to act. These young adults are capable. In the JP2 Project, we want to offer them avenues of grace and support to reach their goals. Introducing the JP2 Home Network.

Anyone can start a JP2 Home!

Get a place
Find your roomates
Pitch your way of life
Be Supported
Jp2 Homes


– JP2 Homes are geared to single young adults ages 18-35, who are either full-time professionals, students or volunteers.

– Members of each home decide commitments together.

– Submit your Way of Life to the JP2 Project and get approved.


– Mentorship to Launch

– Networking with Others

– Support for Apostolic Initiatives

– Discount on JP2 Programs


Design your Way of Life!


Discern your commitment to prayer as a community and individually!

Moral commitment

Commit to live in accord with the moral teachings of the Catholic Church


Consider your life in common and choose how you want to grow as a community!


Think of people that can guide you!