Come & See Pilgrimage

Experience the JPII Project Firsthand

Would you like to know what our students are experiencing? Would you like to understand what you are supporting? Are you interested in becoming a donor or partner?

The “Come & See” pilgrimage is a trip to Krakow for the young at heart who would like to experience the JPII Project from the inside!


All Are Invited

This trip is for everyone and will operate more like a classic pilgrimage abroad. Slow walkers and energetic runners alike are welcome, as this trip features a number of exclusive activities designed for every generation!


Incredible Itinerary

This trip features a number of sites associated with Pope Saint John Paul II, including Krakow Old Town, the Divine Mercy Shrine, the John Paul II Be Not Afraid Center, Wadowice (JP2’s hometown), Częstochowa: The National Shrine and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Zakopane and the Wieliczka Salt Mines!

Immersed in the JPII Project

​This trip coincides with our summer program abroad. That means that you will have the chance to meet the students, get to know the team, experience the classes at the University, encounter Polish history and culture and last but not least, participate in daily Mass and Adoration!

Grow in Your Faith

Each day features private Mass and prayer. We even have our own private chaplain throughout the course of our time together! You’ll find that each touring program has been designed to bring you closer to Christ, and furthermore to help you find inner renewal and strength!

Why the JPII Project?

The mission of the John Paul II Project is to help young people become builders of a civilization of love and truth. We focus on holistic formation programs that immerse the next generations in the example and teachings of St. John Paul II. Because we believe in young people, we mutually encourage and challenge them by cultivating environments that foster sanctity. On this trip you will have the chance to experience firsthand the Project at work!

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Getting Started


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the trip contact us today!


Register Online

Once you decide that this is the trip for your family, register immediately online!


Pack Your Bags!

Pack your bags and arrange transportation to/from the excursion!

Meet the Chaplain

Father Jordan Berghouse

I am consistently in awe that God has called me to this beautiful life. I've been personally inspired by the last three popes and my prayer is to be open and docile to whatever it is that the Lord calls me to each day.

- Father Jordan Berghouse

Trip Chaplain

Fr. Jordan Berghouse is the Associate Pastor of St. Monica and St. Eugene parishes on the North Shore in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. He met co-founder Corinne MacDonald as an undergraduate student doing study abroad in Rome, Italy. His love for Poland, John Paul II, and Our Lady of Czestochowa was nurtured during his pilgrimage to Poland that Corinne had organized and led years before the JP2 Project existed. Fr. Jordan completed his degree in politics from Ave Maria University, worked in Washington D.C for a few years, and then made the bold move to change course and join seminary in 2014.We are thrilled to welcome this priest, in love with his vocation, as our chaplain for our first Come & See Pilgrimage. In Fr. Jordan’s words, “I am consistently in awe that God has called me to this beautiful life. I’ve been personally inspired by the last three popes and my prayer is to be open and docile to whatever it is that the Lord calls me to each day.” Fr. Jordan enjoys being outdoors and good, long conversations over a cup of coffee or a beer… which we look forward to enjoying with him in Krakow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the cost?

 Lodging for the entire pilgrimage duration (July 17-25). Lodging for three optional bonus days after the program (July 25-28) to extend your time in Krakow if you wish. Three meals a day from Thursday-Wednesday, breakfast on our last Thursday. (Families are responsible for only 2 main meals- lunch or dinner- on the more flexible days.) Participation in program sessions and guided tours of Krakow and day trip locations. Entry fees to Museum Home of John Paul II in Wadowice and Wawel Cathedral & Museum in Krakow. Airport escort upon arrival and departure. Child care assistance, during key sessions or just when you need an extra helping hand during the pilgrimage. One midweek laundry service for your family. We know well the financial struggles of many young families, and we’ve thus tried to make this program as inexpensive as possible and rely on a quality support team willing to donate their time and talents to make it happen.

What is not included in the cost?

Flights and ground transportation are the main costs not included in the program fee. The pilgrimage consists of time in downtown Krakow, a few day trips, and some key events outside the city center. So while the program is created to puzzle the awesome elements peacefully (and not stress-fully) together, it does require some movement. What is going to be most convenient (and most peaceful) for each family will vary, and this is why we want to leave it up to you. Costs for transportation can be anywhere from $80 to $600 per family, depending on your method and family size. Additionally, there are two main meals during the most flexible blocks of the pilgrimage not included. You can eat out at a nice restaurant,  cook a budget meal back at your lodging, or stop at McDonalds…but you may be judged for the latter (unless it involves a meltdown: then we understand).

What are the transportation options?

Public transportation: cheapest but not the best for this pilgrimage. The city is pretty well connected, but you’re lodging outside of the center and we have a few day trips anyway. While pretty much everything is accessible by public transportation, most people will not want to spend the time trying to catch buses and trams to the various key sessions. However, if you don’t have kids yet, or their tiny enough to transport easily, or you’re one of those families who always make it to Mass 20 minutes early, or you’re on a budget and are up for the challenge, this option may be for you! Estimated cost: $40-$100 per family.
Renting a car (or driving if from Europe): this will probably be the best option for most families. This gives you the maximum flexibility and control, and is the middle option for costs. You can do the web search yourself, but car rental costs may vary from $150-$400 for the pilgrimage duration, depending on the type of car. FYI: The giant 9-12 passengers tend to be more expensive and harder to come by. Automatic options are also limited and often cost more than manuals.
Private Transportation: If driving around in a foreign country makes you nervous, then we can certainly set up transportation for you. Within city limits, there is an  app called “myTaxi” that works very well here in Krakow. You can often take the taxis to the day trip locations too, but we’ll set up the trip with one of our trusted drivers if multiple families choose this option. This option is the most expensive, but may be the most peaceful option for some families. Estimated cost is $300-$600 per family, depending on the number of people interested in this option and family size.

What are the lodging options?

There are two options for lodging included in the program fee.
1. The student suites at the JP2 Project wing, at the John Paul II Be Not Afraid Center. Small kitchenette & private bathroom in each suite and large community living room on the floor for after-hours fellowship.
2. A Polish host family, which gives you an immersion in Polish hospitality and culture. These are friends of the team who are able and excited to be a part of the program and welcome you into their country.
Both of the lodging options are actually really important to accomplishing a very critical dimension of this unique pilgrimage: community. You can’t understand JP2’s ministry to the family without it. This is why we don’t do hotels or airbnb’s for this particular program. When you apply for the program, you select your lodging preference, along with any pertinent information. We’ll work with you to match your family with a lodging option that meets your preference, needs, and corresponds to our availability.

Are there babysitters and are they mandatory?

Yes and No. We will have trusted, loving, and experienced child care assistants available during the pilgrimage. A few will be available during all pilgrimage events to attend to families needs, while additional help will come exclusively for the discussions each day. If your child is too tiny to leave in someone else’s hands or if you simply want your little ones with you at all times, you are certainly welcome to do so! Every key element of the program is child friendly. Even the discussions take place in a setting where you can be in the back with your little one if needed (no constricting classroom settings). If you need the help, it’s there. If you don’t, no problem.