What’s been happening? We’ve expanded our leadership, found the new On-Site Directors, planned our summer study abroad and pilgrimages in Krakow, lined up all chaplains, professors, and seminar leaders, and are expanding in the USA. God’s been


What about Spring Study Abroad? While we were hopeful to restart programs abroad, this February is just too soon. Polish borders and cities are still closed down. It seems that we just need to practice patience until we can return to Krakow, now gearing up for summer.

Starting Outdoor Retreats

February 2021 will be our first outdoor retreat in the USA! What did our patron Karol Wojtyla do in the winter when he needed a retreat? Head to the slopes for skiing and prayer.

If you’re local in Michigan (or craving community enough to travel here), join us for the same. Visit the page to register or learn more about these outdoor excursions all year round, designed to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul of young adults in the USA. For our February retreat in Caberfae Peaks, there’s a $20 early bird discount. Don’t delay!

Come & See Pilgrimage

Ask and you shall receive: a pilgrimage to Krakow for the young at heart who want to experience the JP2 Project from the inside. Want to know what these students are experiencing? Interested in becoming a donor or partner? Want to understand what you are supporting? Come and See, on this exclusive pilgrimage. Save the dates: June 19-26.

Help Us Reach the Peak.

We need to reach $12,000 by 2021 to pull through for next year. I thank each of you who helped us exceed our goal of start goal of $4,000 on #GivingJP2sday to kick off this end of the year campaign. EVERY gift counts towards making these transformative experiences a reality for the next generation. (Check out some video clips from our alumni. Thanks, guys, for sending those to us, even years after you did the program! You rock!)

Stay Tuned

I didn’t even get to tell you about the new people making the good work happen. In these upcoming days, you’ll start seeing them scattered across the different pages on our website. From Jason Evert on our Advisory Council to Ian & Annie Heisler, our new On-Site Directors in Krakow, we’ve been blessed with such an incredible team of souls on f ire for the Lord, and grounded in Our Lady’s garden of grace.

This Christmas, I pray that we may all experience, ever more deeply and personally, the restorative power of God’s Incarnation. As John Paul II said one Christmas message 60 years ago, “In this Son, we have all been restored to ourselves once again.”

Merry Christmas!

-Corinne MacDonald

Co-Founder | Executive Director