One project was crystal clear: it was time to call in prayer support. With the help of our summer communications intern and 2019 study abroad alum, Cameron, (and our kids), we sent over 100 letters to religious orders asking them to spiritually adopt the JP2 Project.

​That includes prayers for YOU!

Encouraging responses have flowed in from Carmelites to Visitation Sisters pledging their prayers for us. 

“We will be very happy to be your prayer warriors – that’s what we are called to do as contemplative nuns. Your apostolate, as you know, is something very close to the heart of our Religious Family of the Incarnate Word – working to bring the truth of the Gospel and Love and Truth Himself to the world especially to our young people. What a beautiful thing for our future generation to know about love and truth – the only thing necessary”.

– From the Brooklyn contemplative branch of SSVM, an awesome community born under the pontificate of our patron.

From July 27-29th, Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration in Alabama said the entire community would offer up all their prayers and works completely for the JP2 Project Family. Perhaps there is a fine line between presumption and faith, but I’m certainly expecting big graces!

It is incredibly important to put in great human effort in order to make great progress with any endeavor. However, as Jean-Baptiste Chautard in his spiritual masterpiece The Soul of the Apostolate, makes abundantly clear, “God wills that the life-principle of our work be Christ Himself” and “the active life should be nothing but an overflow from the interior life.” And so in the apostolate that is the John Paul II Project, we need more than anything to depend on God’s grace.

So let us both, you and I, increase our interior life in Christ Jesus, our God, so we can receive His abundance of grace and do His work in building the “Civilization of Love and Truth”!

-Joe MacDonald

Co-Founder | Director of Operations and Development