Pandemic. Fear. Racism. Riots. Violence. Suicide. Depression.

Life. Trust. Dignity. Peacemakers. Healing. Resurrection. Joy.

Some of us may be suffering greatly from the current circumstances or different painful trials that befall us. Some of us may be frustrated by the present, finding reason to cast blame and complain.

Christ tells us, “I will make all things new” (Rev 21: 5). The reality is that He invites us to transform this present world into a civilization of love and truth.

God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, 

of working with Him in the building of the civilization of love.”

– Pope Saint John Paul II, World Youth Day, Toronto, 2002.

How many of us are seeing a path to Christ? How many of us are actively spreading the light of Christ? 

John Paul II has spoken vastly on upholding and defending the dignity of the human person, condemning violence and calling Christians to become peacemakers. Chances are high that you’ll find these themes in any given homily, letter to young people, or address to government leaders.


Though at the foundation and at the forefront of his teachings, you’ll hear John Paul II direct us to the Gospel message and exhort us to intimacy with Jesus. His words to little children, and his words to young people, in the following two addresses, strike me as most apt for us during these times.  

​Corpus Christi Homily for Little Children receiving their First Holy Communion. June 14, 1979

 Message to Young People for the 17th World Youth Day in Toronto 2002.

Save to kindle, or download and print. Set aside some quiet time.

I highly recommend that in preparation for Solemnity of Corpus Christi, which we celebrate on Sunday, all- even our scholars and elders- meditate on that homily for children.

If you are finding yourself in constant discussion about the challenges and horrors of our present age, I recommend that message to young people.

We’ve been condemning and analyzing the darkness, with reason. Now, let us lift our gaze and be the light of Christ. Let us not undervalue, rather let us unleash, the power of the presence of Christ. Let us build the civilization of love and truth.

Please keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours.

-Corinne MacDonald

Co-Founder | Executive Director