I’m writing this newsletter from the place we now call home in Michigan, USA! Our move has not lacked chaotic logistical maneuvering, given that we had to start completely from scratch (already 5 years into our marriage with 2 kids and zero wedding registry). What has also not lacked has been God’s overwhelming generosity of practical items, such as household donations from people we don’t know, a fantastic community with great new friends, and total peace about this decision.

Why? What’s happening to the program in Krakow while we’re gone? It is THRIVING. The Project has definitely upgraded with bringing in Megan and Josh to replace us, and they love their new mission and home. Meet them in this short video here:


We look forward to sharing the adventures of our Fall 2020 group, who have already started their semester with an exclusive international seminar on “Human Dignity and Rights” in Vienna, Austria run by World Youth Alliance (WYA). Our students received 4 of the 5 sponsored appointments for the Polish youth delegation.

Josh and Megan were living in Austria prior to joining the project, as Josh carried out further studies at the International Theological Institute (ITI), which was founded by Pope John Paul II himself! God’s timing was perfect in bringing in these Austria-savvy folk on board. Before the WYA seminar began, the Maddens took our students on a cultural and pilgrimage experience, which included off-the-beaten-path encounters at the ITI. They were enriched, had a blast, and set their journey abroad in the right direction.

Pray for our current students, that they may continue to be open for the life-transforming graces. We have a seminarian, Daniel from Slovakia, joining us, who is taking classes with our students at the Pontifical University of John Paul II through the Erasmus program for European study abroad. Through last Spring & Summer programs, another Erasmus student joined, Tereza from the Czech Republic. Far from Daniel’s position, she came to us as an atheist. Don’t miss out on reading her brief yet beautiful testimony here.

Know this little blog comes with prayers for our readers and JP2 Project family!

-Corinne MacDonald,

Co-Founder and President