I’d like to bring you all in the loop about where we stand with partnerships, our current Spring 2019 study abroad cohort, and what opportunities lie ahead for summer and autumn.


We’re happy to announce our official affiliation with fantastic institutions on our new partnerships page. You’ll see our partners in Krakow and stateside, such as Northeast Catholic College, who will be sending every sophomore class to Krakow as part of their core curriculum starting in 2021. We’re in conversation with faculty and staff from a handful of other universities, who are also working to get the program affiliated at their schools. If you’re interested in partnering with the JP2 Project in some way, either to offer our programs to your young people, or to have our young people benefit from your resources, please shoot me an email!

Spring 2019 Cohort

Until our affiliations with universities really begin to flourish, our full semester programs will be limited. To be honest, there was a point last year where we questioned whether it was too early to run a full semester program. We couldn’t be more grateful that we decided to launch this Spring 2019 semester! Had we not, our lives would never have been blessed by these individuals, hailing from Catholic University of America, Augustine Institute, Franciscan University, Augustana University. In addition, a Polish-Irish student, already here in Krakow, and a Czech student participating in UPJP2’s international program, joined our community this semester too! The students have already created a family atmosphere, not only for themselves, but one that welcomes the other international students here in Kraków. A number of them have joined in for the JP2 Project sponsored classes at the university and even our activities outside of the classroom. The “yes” of our students, and the JP2 Project team (yes, we mean you, mission partners) is bearing fruit in the lives of young people we weren’t even trying to reach.

Filling Our Upcoming Programs

High School Pilgrimage: Accepting applications until end of March! This is a powerful journey for young women that ought to be shared with your family, parish, or school community.

Young Families Pilgrimage: We’ve had a few families sign up and are able to welcome just a few more. If you have an inkling that your family should do this, BE NOT AFRAID. Let’s talk.

Fall Study Abroad: Accepting applications NOW. Remember, students from any university are welcome! “Your future starts today, not tomorrow!” -JP2

Young Adults Theology of the Body Program: Also accepting applications, but this program is filling up. More spots for men are available than for ladies right now. 

Summer Study Abroad: Application period is officially closed, but we have space for two more men and women who may have just found out about the program. Email us if you’re interested.

Want to sponsor someone? Contact us!

Feel called to get more involved but not sure how you can help? Write me an email and let’s take it from there!

Please, please, please remember our team and young people in your prayers this Lent. This is how the mission bears fruit.

Totus Tuus Maria,