Hello again from Krakow! The MacDonald family has safely returned home to (as our 3-year old daughter calls it) “John Paul II’s house!”. The US Tour was amazing: thank you for being a part of that. We’ll be rolling out some of the big developments for 2019 that have sprung from that incredible journey. Stay tuned! This year is going to be momentous!

We have a BIG goal to start off the year: finally purchasing a van for our programs! We absolutely need your help, especially since we want to raise all the funds in less than 2 weeks, before our Spring Study Abroad group arrives!

Until now, we’ve been managing with Krakow’s public transportation. But as our programs grow and we hit all seasons, it is time to professionalize our operations here. The van will serve to cover basic needs of running errands, from groceries to laundry, to transporting our participants to and from the airport, and securing the safety measure of having our own wheels for when we need them most.

What are the dream wheels? A 9-passenger All-Wheel-Drive van. This will provide safe and efficient transportation for all our program’s operations, no matter what the weather.

Yes, the young Karol Wojtyla walked to work at night in the winter in wooden clogs; he didn’t have an AWD van! But he also lost his entire family, was hit by a nazi truck and suffered multiple assassination attempts, including being stabbed and shot. No need for literal imitation of the saints in every situation 🙂

To help us purchase this clutch van for our programs here in Krakow, we are asking for matching gift donors. If you would like to talk about this, please reach out to me at +1 407 906 0073, or send an email to joe@jp2project.org

This is the biggest fundraising campaign we are launching, and it is just one of our many needs this year (which include salaries for staff, travel for chaplains, and student sponsorships). 

If you give $200, we’ll send you a custom “JP2 Project Mug” as a thank you. You can keep it for yourself or even give it away as a gift to a friend 🙂

We want to thank all of you for your financial support, all your many prayers and your hospitality during 2018. We are so excited to have such a wonderful family of supporters to accompany us into 2019 as we accomplish this great work our Lord has set before us, together!

You and your families are in our prayers!

Joseph MacDonald,

Co-Founder and VP Operations 

The John Paul II Project