We’ve had countless encounters on this US Tour with those who share the mission in their hearts, but perhaps haven’t made the jump to be a part of it. There are many ways to contribute, but I’ll highlight 5 simple but impactful contributions. If you think “this is awesome”, pick at least one! Your participation is absolutely needed to make this mission a reality.

  1. Share a post on your social media! Post the NC Register article about the tour, our promo video, the newsletter, or the programs: Facebook! and Instagram! This takes 2 minutes!
  2. Make a one-time donation to the tour: we still need a lot of funds to cover the costs, which thankfully have been kept low due to our generous host families!
  3. Promote the programs to your local community. Involved in your parish? Know someone connected with youth, university students, or young adults? Ask to share the information with them! We’ll get you the materials you need!
  4. Become a monthly mission partner as an integral part of the team, or invite someone who may want to join.
  5. Participate! Come to beautiful Krakow, the City of Mercy, in one of our programs, or personally invite someone you know who may benefit from a life-transforming experience.