If you keep a pulse on the Project, you may be wondering where we’ve gone. Answer: to the John Paul II Center – our new family residence and the home to all program participants.

Where do I begin? Living in the City of Mercy has been an immersion experience in God’s mercy for me. Last week, we saw off the 13 university students who spent 6 weeks of their summer here in Krakow. While I am scrambling to “get everything done” and wondering “how will it all work out”, God was working miracles in the hearts and lives of these incredible young adults, in ways that neither I nor they could have imagined.

In the upcoming months, we will be updating our website with their testimonies. In the meantime, I would like to share with you a few inspiring lines…

“This whole trip has honestly been life changing…the best 6 weeks of my life and it is all because of God’s grace and his overwhelming presence throughout this program.” – Hannah

“My time here in Krakow can simply be described as an amazing gift. In the short time of 6 weeks, I have learned more about my faith than any other time in my life.” – Nick

“I have learned what it means to love others in a new way, especially when it is hard and I’m exhausted…Thank you for making this amazing and life-changing trip happen.” – Rachel

“My time in Poland has been blessed beyond belief..The day I leave Poland will be one of the hardest days of my life. That is because this is where I have found God…I know I must leave Poland, so that I may bring its flame and joy back to the US.” – Macie

“The intense experience of leaving your home behind and following the lives of the saints to unite your intellect, will and heart, is a formative experience, which will teach anyone how to be human. Because becoming human is what it means to be a saint, and this program has definitely helped me in that regard.” – Jacob

“If I leave this Project with one thing, it will be with a greater resolution to be a saint, and the knowledge that it is possible, not through my efforts, but through the abundant grace of God.” – Margaret

“How blessed I have been to be a part of this project. This whole experience, from start to finish, has helped me grow in every aspect of my life.” – Gloria

I’m only stopping now because this newsletter is already too long! And, speaking earlier of scrambling, 14 high school students arrive today for an intense 10-day pilgrimage. Please be prayer warriors for us and them!

I’ll try to do a better job of keeping you all in the loop. We have some photos and video clips to add to the site, including our official promo video. Stay tuned!

It is truly a gift to be affirmed in God’s calling. This is so clearly His Project, and He is taking control. Praise the Lord! Even more programs will be added next year: I invite you to come, and to spread the word. For you key players who are making this possible, I share with you the words of gratitude from one of our students: “Thank you for helping me on this journey to discover beauty. Thank you for not being afraid to be an instrument that was able to play, to allow me to experience Poland and God’s mercy.”